Established in 2010, A Stitch in Twine is the birth child of Rabea and Alex Hands. Their vision , to establish a design lead upholstery and soft furnishing service that dared to be different. Not just another upholstery workshop, but a creative port for customers to realise truly unique items of furniture.

Rabea’s main working and learning background, before coming to England from Germany in 1999, lied in furniture making and restoration.

Arriving in High Wycombe to study Furniture Restoration & Craftsmanship at BCUC , the coarse included new disciplines and Rabea soon found a new passion in Traditional Upholstery, this lead to her being selected to take part in a 3 month exchange project with the world renowned E’cole Boulle inn Paris, where she was introduced to Traditional French upholstery techniques and styles.

Rabea successfully graduated from BCUC with a Ba(Hons) and went onto getting her MA in Furniture Restoration , specialising in early 20th century upholstery a year later.

Demonstrating at Hatfield House

”traditional upholstery techniques “